Customer Care Awards 2013 - “In tune with the customers”

It is all about the customers. But yet the concept that the most important person in the organisation is the customer seems to be an alien notion to many providers and vendors.

But it is a very simple thing to understand. Consider politics for a moment. Most politicians will tell you the key to gaining power is to win the hearts of the voting citizens. Make sure that the voters buy into your policies and you will win.

Many technology vendors in recent years have been transforming themselves. Some have become service providers, while others have merged software with hardware. They know this: It is by understanding and keeping pace with customer demands that they can survive in a competitive global technology industry.

As with last year's edition of Customer Care Awards (CCA) programme, we asked our readers to take part in a comprehensive evaluation exercise, and ultimately give due recognition to technology solution vendors that have been able to keep in tune with the customers’ requests and specifications for the past 12 months.

They evaluated the performance of their vendors in the delivery of customer services in the various technology areas. Each vendor’s performance was evaluated throughout the entire customer engagement––from pre-implementation through post-implementation work.

The ones with the highest ratings from their customers are recognised in at an award presentation event devoted to them, and featured in a special issue Computerworld Malaysia.

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