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State of the Asian CXO 2011

The State of the Asian CXO 2011 is based on the findings of a survey of IT leaders in public and private organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India.

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Complex Event Processing For Dummies

Some call it Big Data, meaning messy data incoming from everywhere and everything. Whether you realize it or not, processing this much information involves complex event processing (CEP). CEP For Dummies, SAP Special Edition, takes stock of the overwhelming flow of fast moving data.

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Global IP VPN - Robert Walters Case Study

First it connected four offices; now it connects thirty six. Telstra International’s Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) service has expanded effortlessly to meet the changing requirements of a successful firm of global recruitment consultants.

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Standard Chartered Bank China

When Standard Chartered Bank set up a new branch office in China, compliance regulations meant that it had to host customer data in China. The problem was that the system was hosted on an expensive mainframe environment.

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