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CloudConvert easily converts hundreds of file types on your iPhone and iPad

Usually, when you have a video file on your iPad or iPhone, the file can play on that device--why else would it be there? But occasionally you'll run into a need to convert a video file, like I did recently, and when that happens CloudConvert gets it done right on the same device, no computer necessary. CloudConvert can handle more than just video files, but that's where my story begins.

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Social engineering stories from the front lines

It's always amazing how little attention social engineering attacks get when discussing enterprise information security risks. After all, it's usually easier to get an unsuspecting employee to click on a link than it is to find an exploitable vulnerability on a reasonably hardened webserver. Social engineering attacks come from many different angles: from targeted e-mails, phone call pretexting, or acting like a service technician or other innocuous person to obtain access to the IT resources and data they seek.

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